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Welcome to the eLearning Platform

This eLearning Platform has been developed to allow participants of NSTC to obtain updated course material and assessments . The eLearning Platform has been designed to be navigated easily to quickly find the courses, material, assesments you, the learner, need.

You will need the login details which have been provided to you by your course coordinator during the enrolment process. If you have mis-laid your login details contact your program coordinator by email or phone. A copy of your details can be sent back out to you.


To enrol on any course please email the Webmaster including:-

  • Your login username,

  • Your participation no. send to you with the printed study material

  • The course you wish to enrol on

The Program Administrator will then contact you regarding payment.

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Course categories

Programs for Schools/Colleges/Universities/Institutes 
 Nanotechnology Teacher's Training ProgrammeSummary

Summer/Winter Training & Project Work (3/6 Months) 
 Electronics/Electrical/Telecommunication Engineering
 Mechanical/Instrumentation Engineering
 Chemical Engineering/Food Technology/Polymer Engineering
 Chemical / Material Science Engineering
 Chemical Engineering
 Bio Medical Engineering
 Physics/Applied PhysicsSummary
 Chemistry/Polymer Science
 Mechanical/Material Science Engineering

Available Courses 

 Nanopharmaceuticals & Its Efficacy in Drug Delivery
 Silicon Nanostructures & Carbon Nanotubes based Nanoelectronics
 Nanopharmaceuticals & Its Industrial Applications
 Nanoelectronics & Its Industrial Applications
 Bionanotechnology & Its Medical Applications ProgramThis course requires an enrolment key
 Introductory Programme in NanotechnologyThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Industry Program in NanotechnologyThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Nanotechnology Sensitization Program ( New)This course requires an enrolment keySummary

Scientific and Technical Writing 
 Scientific and Technical Writing ProgrammeThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Content Writing
 Scientific Documentation
 Medical Writing
 Software documentation
 Demo STW CourseThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Certified Medical Writing & Documentation Specialist

Project & Technology Management 

Environment, Health & Safety 
 Certified cGCP and Quality Management Professional
 Certified cGMP and Quality Management Professional
 Certified cGLP & Quality Compliance Professional
 EHS(Environment,Health,Safety) Compliance Professional

Patents and Intellectual Property rights 
 Post Graduate Program in PatentsThis course requires an enrolment key
Programs for Corporates/Companies 
 Technical Writing Certification Program - ComViva
 Introductory Program in Nanotechnology
 Content Writing Program
Nanotechnology Scholarship Test 
 Nanotechnology Scholarship Demo Test (click here)

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