NSTC connects Universities/Institutes with the concurrent corportae world , students and faculty of these institues gain by connecting with NSTC by upgrading themselfs to the corporate word requirments.

NSTC conducts specilized programs tailer made for the institutions requirments and uses special Pedagogy for efective course delivery and learning.

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Summer/Winter Training & Project Work (3/6 Months)


  • This Nanotechnology course is specially designed & developed for Science Teachers in engineering / medical/ pharmacy/technology colleges, universities and Institutes. The program is designed for Lecturers, Readers, professors & other science faculty members of ( Graduation studies & above), although professionals/students of graduation/post graduation in ( sciences, engineering & Technology )are encouraged to apply. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses physics, chemistry, biology, material sciences and environmental sciences.

    The course helps teachers enrich their classrooms skills with explaining and demonstrating cutting-edge developments in the exciting field of nanotechnology and helps teachers learn new pedagogical approaches to teaching science. It provides teachers with the opportunities to refresh their understanding of core science concepts and to connect with their peers.