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About New Technologies

If we talk about the most promising technology till now which has the potential of transforming the world then nanotechnology is the name which blinks in the mind. The implications ofnanotechnology extend from the medical, ethical, legal and environmental applications, to fields such as engineering, biology, chemistry, computing, material sciences, military applications, and communications.
For the budding scientist & engineers it is very important to know and understand the latest that when they join the industry they are capable of giving back to the industry what they have learned and gained during their academic pursuits.
Currently Science & Technology based research has been transformed because of inventions and innovations been made in the field of visualizations, characterization, synthesis, materials & ability to commercially manufacture at 10-9 m scale level.
At the dimension of 10-9 m ( billionth of a meter ) the ability to create new and wonderful products and materials gets a tremendous boost, this is because at this scale we have the ability to work at atomic or molecular level and thus able to create things which are remarkably significant to current comparisons.

At 10-9 m (Nano) Scale humans reach to the level where they can create new and innovative applications pertaining to all the fields including Engineering , Science & Technology . Through the application of nano scale science in technology, new and improved applications pertaining to common man or specialized products such as energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) , silver particles impregnated anti bacterial socks or even nano chips in computers are currently manufactured .

About The Project Training

This project training is focused about explaining applications of nano scale science and the resultant technological innovations due to the commercialization of resultant products in various fields. The students pursuing their bachelors or masters in the different fields of science and technology must know the advancements in their fields which is not a part of their syllabus. This project enables them to enhance their knowledgebase, pertaining to the developments in their fields of study as a result of global developments in nano science & technology which has changed the landscape of new research and product developments at all the industries and domains.

All the students who wish to undergo summer/ winter projects/ trainings in any industry can choose these projects as their training projects.

These projects are of three/ six month duration. The project includes online tutorials and assessments, and is assessed through project work and online assignments. All the participants have to submit a project report at the end of the project duration. After evaluation of this report, every student will get a certificate from Nano Science and Technology Consortium(NSTC).

Students will get another opportunity to publish their review paper* written by them and evaluated by independent experts, after it which will be published in journals or posted on Nanoconnect.

Project Aim & Scope

These Projects for Engineering & Science students aim to give participants a broad view of latest and most in-demand technologies and its prospects, so that they could know about the various applications and new achievements of in their respective field. This would in turn enable them to give the best technology to their country. The project contains the various topics related to every field of technology and sufficient material on that topic.

(* Review paper need to be written by participants as per the guidelines provided by NSTC, for it to be eligible to be published in the Journal / Nanoconnect platform)

Benefits To Participants

Some beneficial points for participants after completion of this project may be:

  • They will get to know that what is nano scale technology and how it is applicable in their fields.

  • After completion of this project, participants will be aware of role of nanotechnology in advancements of the present technology in their respective fields.

  • Participants will be aware of various revolutions in every field of technology such as in computer science, revolution could be continued in computer hardware right down to molecular gates and wires — something that today’s lithographic methods (used to make computer chips) could never hope to do. This could be possible only because of nanotechnology.

  • Apart from their current syllabus contents and project topics, they can get some additional information from this project.

  • This project will give them an additional certificate which could be beneficial in their career

Who should Apply ( Prospective Participants )

The students who are pursuing B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech, M. Tech. and PhD in any field of Science and Technology can join this project

The following are few branches of engineering which will be covered in this project training: (Students can also opt or choose their areas of projects too in consultation with coordinator)

Students from any other field of Engg, or science can apply for the project and discuss the project with the Project coordinator.

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical/ Instrumentations Engineering

  • Electrical/ Electronic / Telecommunications Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering/Food Technology/Polymer Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

  • Bio Medical Engineering

The following branches of science will be covered in this project:

  • Physics/Applied Physics

  • Chemistry/Polymer Science

  • Biology/Biotechnology/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biophysics

Online Tutorials
  • The project training imparts through new online tutorial applications by which participants are guided on their project work 24X7 times. Participants can work on their topic according to their ease at college , home or where internet connection is possible. User id and password are provided to access this system which are more secured. One can share their views about the project with other participants and can be self evaluated regularly. Additional activities perform by participants such as quiz participation, submissions of views about topic and online assignments.

  • Project work is completed through online system under the guidance of project coordinator.

Guidelines And Project Methodology

  • Join the Project training by submitting the application form along with the necessary fee.

  • Participant receives a confirmation letter regarding the project assignment , along with the project related project guidelines and other details,

  • A user id and password is sent to every student so that he/ she can access our project site. On the website participant can get the topics related to his/ her field and also the sufficient material regarding the topic.

  • Study the topic related material available on our site. For any queries and problems, students can contact the program coordinator through chats and e-mails for online assistance.

  • Participate on web portal activities ( like quizzes and assignments etc and receive internet based assessment.

  • In the last month of the project, submit a project report to NSTC which will be evaluated and corrected by NSTC professionals.

  • Receive a certificate from “Nano Science and Technology Consortium” after submission of project report.

  • Write a Review Paper on the related topic which will be published in NSTC journals or posted on Nanoconnect according to the standard of the paper. The guidelines for writing the Review Paper will be given on later stages.

Information For Institutes

  • Institutes imparting Engineering, technical & Science Graduate / Post Graduate level studies can form batches of students and register their students in this interactive project work.

  • Any Institute which has more than 20 students registered in project work in one batch will receive one year free subscription of NanoTrends Journal.

  • Institutes can take this project work for its students for its summer, winter or short duration projects which are compulsory for students.

  • Opportunity to publish institutions’ research, Review papers or articles in more than 40 STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) Journals covering almost all major areas.

  • Discounts for Institutions for subscribing the research journals in their fields through STM journal.

Sample Project Report

This includes the details of how to prepare the project report. Although this report is not a thesis report based on practical work yet it will contain almost all the headings of a report. Participants will get help from this in preparing their project reports according to their topics.

The stepwise headings and their contents will be:

  • Front Page

It will contain the project topic, name of the participant, name of the course i.e. “Summer/ Winter Training & Project Work ”.

  • Acknowledgement

In this heading, participants can thank the several people for their assistance in the project.

  • Contents

This will contain the chapter wise names of headings and subheadings with page numbers.

  • Abstract

The abstract is an essential part of a report, providing a brief summary of the report. The abstract is a mini-version of the report. It should give a brief summary of the main sections of the paper. The abstract should be very concise - the maximum length being 50% of one page.

  • Introduction

It should contain some historical backgrounds of the project topic and also the objective of the project.

  • Literature Review

Since this project does not have any experimental part, it will contain only literature surveys related to the topic. This heading will contain the detailed study of the topic starting from basic information to the latest work done. It may contain various sub-headings.

  • Discussions and Conclusions

It will contain the discussion on various points of the literature review and the conclusions drawn from the discussions.

  • References

All research papers’ name and website addresses should be given here

How To Apply

    • Make a DD/Cheque of required fee in favor of “Nano Science and Technology Consortium” payable at “Delhi/ New Delhi”.
    • Send the completed application form along with DD/Cheque and necessary documents* to:
  • Nano Science and Technology Consortium
    A-105, Third Floor, Sector-63
    Noida-201301, U.P , India
    Contacts: 0120-4781216/4781217, 09818206463

    *Documents Required

    Highest degree certificate and mark sheet will be required for this program.